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"Naumidis": Tradition with a modern mood for an evening at "Ark"

The award-winning chef Angelos Naumidis brings from the shores of Vegoritis a menu that looks at the local cuisine with a modern perspective on 7/6, at the 10th culinary event of Symposio at Ark.

The award-winning chef Angelos Naoumidis, from the restaurant "Naoumidis" (Greek Cuisine Award 2018) on the shores of Lake Vegoritida, loves the culinary tradition of his place and presents a menu that moves harmoniously between local cuisine and modern taste requirements, on 7 /6, in its tenth culinary event Symposio at Ark, which is organized by "athinorama" and the luxury restaurant "Ark".

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Angelos Naumidis grew up in the kitchen. He was not yet 10 years old when he started getting confused at the feet of his mother, who was cooking in the first small tavern that the family kept in Agios Panteleimonas, Florina, exactly where the "Naumidis" tavern is today. Cooking fascinated him, the local cuisine spoke to his soul and from the age of 16 he took over the marmites and the fires himself, to continue leading the large team and the second (and today award-winning) restaurant "Naumidis» that the family created a few meters above the mezedopolei. What motivated young Angelos to take up cooking? "I felt that I had to continue the family tradition that my mother started. The stimuli that I received every day were very strong and, now that I look back, I find that all that for my mother was bio-wrestling I saw as creation".

Award-winning chef Angelos Naumidis

Year after year, with perseverance, continuous apprenticeships in famous restaurants abroad and specialized seminars, Angelos Naoumidis developed his art, leaning firmly on the authentic products of the region and the local culinary tradition. "I love the lake," he says, "I can look at it for hours from the terrace of the restaurant, get inspired, calm down." Of course, he is completely familiar with lake and river fish, which abound in the streams around Kaimaktsalan and have first place on his menu.

In "Naumidis" lake and river fish are creatively transformed

But not only that, since describing his cooking he tells us that his solid base is tradition, which he renders with a creative, modern mood. The menu he has created for the event Symposio at Ark, which justifies his reputation, will be in this style. Key contributors to the success of the evening and the prominence of the chef's dishes are, as always, the restaurant's executive chef Giannis Baxevanis and his excellent team.

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Symposium at Ark | "Naumidis" 7/6

The chef's welcome
Shrimp tempura

Oven-roasted quince stuffed with a mixture of four cheeses

Wild brook trout with veloute broccoli

Langita with syrupy pumpkin

€ 40 / person

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