Our Peperfield, a fenced area of 70 acres, separated from other cultures, is located on the foothills of Voras Mountain on an altitude of 600 meters, in a short distance from the famous vineyards of Aminteo.

The dry microclimate of the area with combination to the composition of the soil and the rich ecosystem, idealize the conditions for the cultivation of the pepper.

Additionally, Lake Vegoritida and Lake Petron in both sides, contribute to the existence of a mild semi-continental climate, favoring the cultivation of the peppers. The limestone texture of the soil, rich in ingredients, assures an ideal drainage of the rain water. The biocoenosis in our peperfield consists of wildflowers, herbs and pepper plants as well as insects, with a strong presence of ladybirds, butterflies and bees. The cooperation among them is exceptional and sets excellent conditions for organic farming.

Planting, harvesting and weeding is done by hand. The use of pesticides is prohibitive and for this reason we chose our field to be detached and unaffected by other crops. For lubrication we use only manure from grazing animals.

Harvesting begins at the end of August, becomes progressively, subject to the maturity level of the peppers which are required for the manufacture of each product, and ends in mid-November